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Will You Be My CBD Valentine?

Hi y’all!

CBD Hemp Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just 10 days away! And if you’re anything like everyone, you probably still need to get your lover a gift. And, well, God help you if you don’t.

CBD Hemp Valentine's Day

And, if the above statement is totally relevant to your romantic situation, CBD is a must!

CBD Hemp Valentine's Day

We have a wide selection of CBD infused delights with the Valentine theme:

And they are all on sale for 30% off!

CBD Hemp Valentine's Day

CBD Valentine's Day

Why are we giving such a good sale you ask?

Great question. We know Valentines are expensive, and we want to make sure you can give your Valentine the best gift he or she can dream. We aren’t here to charge you outrageous prices like some of these other shops, we just want everyone to enjoy the Simple Hemp Life.

CBD Hemp Valentine's Day

So, check out our products, and use the code CALMVDAY for 30% off your Valentine products!

CBD Hemp Valentine's Day

And, as always, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will get right back to you!

Relax, and enjoy the Simple Hemp Life.

CBD Hemp Valentine's Day

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CBD Store Official Grand Opening

Hi there. My name is Kendra and I’m a part of the Simple Hemp Life. We are a group of people, who love to help others. We formed Simple Hemp Life back in September with the goal of helping the new CBD industry grow, while offering a new way to look at better future for our economy. Hemp is the future for medicine, industry, health and plenty in between.

Kendra Corpier Checking out a hemp plant

In a Few Words, We Are…

In summer of 2019, we all worked together to grow on The Hasson farm in Maryville TN, and take our product to the shelf. We planted the seeds, grew our CBD hemp plants to harvest, and then used our plants to process into smokeable flower and various oils and extracts for you to use.

Todd Hasson working on the Tennessee Farm

We have introduced our products to several stores in the Youngstown, OH area and would love to expand our product placement, so that you, too can enjoy the Simple Hemp Life.

Simple Hemp Life Officially Open

Celebrate CBD Store Grand Opening with a Sale!

To celebrate the new year of 2020 and the official Grand Opening of our website, we have placed all of our products on sale!

We are inviting everyone to try our products and let us know what you think!

Simple Hemp Life offers plenty of CBD and hemp products, all of which fall under the Federal regulation of less than 0.3% delta THC. We are continuing to add products to our website, so that you, too can enjoy a relaxing day, relax after a day of meetings, help you get better sleep and relieve muscle pain.

CBD Full Spectrum Gummies

Some of our CBD products include:

Our Products Are Tested and Certified

Our products are tested by a certified third party lab facility, and our CBD Hemp is currently grown in Tennessee. We are looking to grow and operate in Northwest Ohio as well. As soon as Ohio releases the licenses, we will be able to produce our product in Ohio as well!

While the Federal law is that you can use CBD products, many states have their own interpretations of the law, which include a few states that do not allow for smokeable flower. We do not ship the flower to any addresses that exist in those states, in order to follow regulations while this prohibition works through the legal system until we can all freely use all CBD products.

State CBD Laws Can Be Tricky

These state laws are constantly changing, and we try to keep our website up to date with the restrictions and access to our products. If you try to order flower from our website and you receive the restriction message, but you feel that your state has removed the flower restriction, please contact us to let us know, and we will reply to you and verify it with our law team.

We Want to Hear from You

If you’d like to leave a review about our amazing products. please visit our Submit Testimonial Page.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Thanks so much, and enjoy the Simple Hemp Life.



CBD Hemp seedlings

PS: For those of you looking to purchase at the wholesale level to display our amazing products in your stores, we are working to create a Wholesale Storefront, just for you. It will be available soon, but in the mean time, feel free to contact us to work out a deal. We would love to get our products in your store!